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Woodland view from a particularly special part of a regular walk I do with my sisters dog Tessa (also pictured). She is the best walking companion and my favourite canine fluff.

Being Autistic doesn’t mean we are not valid, right or that we need to change in any way…Autistic people see, feel, experience the same things, just differently, and that’s ok!

I have started Artistically Autistic so that I can help raise much needed awareness and acceptance about autism. I believe it is important to have as many autistic voices as possible, sharing their life experiences. There are so many misrepresented autistic people and misunderstood views, opinions of what autism is and what the world can be like for most. I would like to add my perspective in the hope to influence change, create better understanding and importantly support others.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy this space.

Ink and coloured pencil crayon drawing of an Elephant hawk moth – Deilephila elpenor.