About Me

“Being Autistic makes me who I am, I am not broken, I don’t need to be fixed.” 

A Common Green Shield bug (final instar nymph) – Palomena Prasina cosy on a pink hydrangea.



Hello! My name is Helen. In June 2021, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed as autistic. Many things I have struggled with, interactions I couldn’t quite understand, why I managed certain situations differently to others, reasons why I just didn’t feel quite “right” are now becoming clearer to me, for the first time, I actually have validation for being me!

Being autistic makes me who I am.

It wasn’t until quite recently that I realised how much I love writing! It has become a joyful and cathartic process for me. It has helped me gain confidence to speak, share my thoughts and connect with people again.  

When I was first diagnosed as autistic the overwhelming emotion I felt was relief. Since having time to process the most important moments, for me so far have been beginning to trust myself again and finding ways to build self-acceptance. It has been a real challenge to start believing my thoughts, feel that I am worthy, but life changing. I know I will always have much doubt running through my veins, but I feel I have come a long way in a short period of time, and I want to keep heading in that direction, gathering lots of information as I go.  

I wouldn’t have got even close to feeling hopeful enough to try without some special people helping me, to them, I will forever be thankful.  

I would like to share with you my thoughts, feelings and opinions about how I live my life being autistic. I hope to reach out to many different people. It has been extremely helpful for me to hear other autistic people talk about their lives, so I hope I can provide some useful insight, which makes sense and helps at least one other person.

“You are not alone, I understand, being you is enough.

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